Filmed in Indianapolis. Animated in Virginia. Growing Worldwide. 

KaiBan is product of collaboration between the TechServ Corporation & Epic Made Studios. Our creative team encapsulates talent from the American Midwest and beyond.

Explore below to see all the talents working to share KaiBan with the world.

Our Production Team

Sunny Lu Williams

Creator & Co-Producer

Andre Jefferson

Filmmaker & Co-producer

Isabella Morada

Character Artist

Sophia Jaegly

Visual & Website Designer

Liz Beckner

Design Mentor

Deb Lu

Voice Talent
“Little Dragon”

Ki’ara LaChelle

Actress & Songwriter

Carl Cleanthes

Epic Made Animation Studio

Ross Ciuppa

Creative Director
Epic Made Animation Studio

Kira Ribordy

Art Director
Epic Made Animation Studio

Nefer Hall

Concept Artist & Lead Animator
Epic Made Animation Studio

Gabrielle Edmiston

Epic Made Animation Studio

John Deindorfer

Business Development Director
Epic Made Animation Studio

Epic Made

Animation Studio

Deja Henry


Kaleb Talarico

Hair & Makeup Artist

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