The KaiBan Story

Presented by Sunny Lu Williams

Creator, Co-Producer

I’m a mom… a CEO…an immigrant from Taiwan that arrived in the United States when I was 3…and a US Citizen.

All of my life, I’ve felt displaced…too American when visiting Taiwan and too other in the US.

In the 90’s, my family was targeted in my neighborhood, my father’s business exploited, I experienced racism at each and every school I attended, and was frequently ridiculed for my distinctly Chinese mannerisms.

I learned to be me…and it was a long road.

As an adult I’m able to blend my identities into strengths.

Then COVID hit and the Anti-Asian sentiment hit a new high.

My youngest son is four this January 2024.

He is half Chinese and half White.

He will also have his own journey in navigating race, identity, and being a person that reaches for kindness first.


His shows are more compassionate…more inclusive…more kind.

Yet there is more work to do…

…more creative energy to form into teaching our children, sharing about the beauty of difference, and opening the doors of understanding through language.

Auggie & mom, Sunny Lu Williams, getting ready to embark on another adventure!

KaiBan is a celebration…

A celebration of food


A celebration of health

A celebration of the art of gifting

And a celebration of a new generation of storytellers.

Kaiban is not a lecture about Chinese etiquette.
It’s not about perfect pronunciation of Chinese words.
It’s about teaching culture and language to young children to celebrate our differences and creating inclusion.

I’m honored to partner with the lead talent Ki’ara LeChelle, voice talent, Deb Lu, and our incredible team of artists, Isabella Morada, designers, Sophia Jaegly & Liz Beckner, animators at Epic Studios, and my co-producer, Andre Jefferson.

Together our creative energies … Kaiban!

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