KaiBan is For Everyone

We designed KaiBan to be a moment the whole family can participate in and enjoy.
An important part of this process was getting feedback from real viewers, like you!

KaiBan is more than a show, it’s an experience.

We invite you to share your KaiBan stories and work with us to build a better learning environment for our friends and families.

KaiBan — Kid Tested. Parent Approved. 

Initial Feedback for KaiBan

“This is the Mr. Rogers of our generation!”

Parents Of 3, 5 & 7-Year-Olds

 Atlanta, GA

“I can feel Auntie Kiki’s kindness. She supports my inner child.”

Chef/Nutrition Expert

Atlanta, GA

“I can’t wait for my daughter to watch this!”

Mother of 4-year-old

Carmel, IN

“WOW!! YAY!!”

Cohort of 22 3-4-year-olds

Noblesville, IN

“Kiki has such an amazing spirit. I have known her for quite some time and all the children that she has come in contact with remember her for a lifetime. I can’t wait to learn more during this journey. HAPPY LEARNING FRIENDS!!!”

Jasmine Delaney, Loving KaiBan Supporter

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