Welcome Friends, Come Say Hi!

Our characters are the stars of the show — literally. At KaiBan, our amazing cast guide us all on new adventures, teach us new lessons, and help all our friends grow!

Auntie Kiki

Played by Ki’ara LeChelle

“Hi everyone, Auntie Kiki here!”

Little Dragon

Played by Deb Lu

“Hi everyone, Little Dragon here!”

Finding Little Dragon

Initial SketchFinal Character Design

Little Dragon spent a long time figuring out who she was. She had to try a lot of different things to see what she liked, but now, she’s found a style that makes her feel like herself.

Now Little Dragon hopes her adventures can inspire new friends to express themselves too!


“When designing Little Dragon, I was very invested in them appearing to be a peaceful kind child. After doing some research in China’s perspective of dragons are wise creatures, and I wanted this character to reflect that potential in their design even in childhood.”



Isabella Morada
Character Artist

What’s Next For The KaiBan Community?

As the KaiBan community grows, we hope to welcome new friends into Little Dragon’s neighborhood. Explore below to see some initial ideas for Little Dragon’s friends.

Little Monkey

Little Horse